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Welcome to our company, where we cherish and uphold the enduring allure of classic browser games. We offer our games free of charge, accessible without any need for downloads, compatible with all major browsers. We understand and appreciate the nostalgic appeal and fond memories associated with the golden age of browser gaming, which is why we steadfastly uphold the principles of these historic games.

Our collection includes text-based browser games and immersive Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), designed to challenge our players’ tactical skills and strategic thinking. To ensure an exceptional gaming experience for our users, we consistently update our games.

We are thrilled to announce the second game from the IronWar universe, “Iron War – Blood of the Kings”. Brace yourself for a brutal browser game experience that combines elements of post-apocalyptic scenarios, the age of knights, and cosmic horror. The original IronWar browser game dates back to 2006 and has not been actively developed since 2014. It continues to exist under the name “IronWar – Classics” for nostalgic reasons. “IW – Blood of the Kings” takes place 200 years after the events of “IW – Classics”.

Additionally, we’ve acquired the German browser game “Ozeankampf”, slated for a full rebuild upon the completion of “Iron War – Blood of the Kings”. The new version of “Ozeankampf” was initially scheduled for release at the end of 2023, however, due to our commitment to our primary projects, the relaunch will likely be deferred to the summer of 2024.

While we are thrilled about the opportunities in the German market, given the longstanding success of browser games in the country, and are proud to have a native German speaker on our team, it’s important to note that our engagement in browser games is not our main line of business. Our work in preserving and revitalizing these games is a labor of love, a passion project that, in reality, consumes both time and financial resources. As our primary projects require our full-time attention, we often find ourselves time-constrained when it comes to browser game development. This is the reason progress can be slower than we’d like. Nonetheless, we are committed to keeping these games alive and in development.

Our small but proficient team comprises six freelancers from across the globe, including representatives from Ukraine, Brazil, Poland, Russia, and Venezuela, in addition to our German colleague. We invite you to join us on our mission to keep the spirit of classic browser gaming alive. Please bear with us as we balance our passion for preserving the legacy of these games with our full-time commitments. We promise to deliver engaging and enjoyable gaming experiences, even if they take a little longer to develop.

Our Games

IronWar – Classics

Embark on a journey 200 years before IronWar – Blood of the Kings. As a king or queen, you will build your own kingdom. Utilize a powerful army, strategic planning, and political intrigues to succeed. New registrations are currently unavailable. A few basic technical functions are currently being updated. But there are no plans for further development at this time. The game is available only in German.  

Technical update
Status 10%
Splatter Browsergame

IronWar – Blood of the Kings

Earth has transformed into an icy planet due to countless comet impacts and natural disasters. In addition to battling the cold and scarce resources, your people face brutal nighttime attacks from cannibal armies. This game is currently in development.

Development progress
Status 30%


You start with an island. Extract resources, research technologies, and build your fleet of ships. The ocean map holds numerous uninhabited islands with abundant riches, awaiting your colonization efforts. Form alliances, engage in political intrigues, and plunder your enemies’ islands. The game is currently available only in German and we are currently working on a relaunch.

Development progress
Status 20%
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